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JD Company
Management Business Fields About JD Management BusinessFields About JD
  • About JD

    JD Company(JD) is the best offshore E&C total solution creator. We are committed to improve the quality of health, safety and environmental management in workplace through JD HSE policy for all our employees.

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    • JD Company

      JD Company
      JD has been pursuing a goal oriented business to lead clients and project to success and has grown up a world class offshore solution creator.

    • Global Network

      Global Network
      JD has business cooperators not only domestic, but also international area.

    • Our Clients

      Our Clients
      JD has been registered and providers our high quality E&C services to our clients. We are planning to push ahead the activities with development and exchange in accordance with this partnership.

  • Business Fields

    JD has accumulated years of experience.

    • Development

      R&D for the ship yard, fabrication yard and port, structure of wind power generation

    • Engineering

      Detail Design and modeling about the jacket, jetty, topside(module), refinery, LNG tank terminal, chemical and power plant

    • Trading & Project Management

      Trading & Project Management
      Products and commodity trading with our international venders and customers, the business of manpower supply, rental items, and modification for ship owner companies' project

    • Fabrication & Installation

      Fabrication & Installation
      Structure, pipe, machinary fabrication, installation and demolition about the jacket, jetty, topside(module), refinery, LNG tank terminal etc. on Offshore Structure

    • Heavy Equipment Load-out & Transportation

      Heavy Equipment Load-out & Transportation
      Heavy equipment load-out, barge arrangement and sea fastening

    • Offshore Installation

      Offshore Installation
      In-take & out-fall line, PLEM & SPM, Cofferdam and shore pulling, construction about a part of the refinery, chemical plant, power plant, LNG tank terminal, well platform & fixed platform

  • Management

    JD Company(JD) complies with all applicable laws and governmental rules and places the goal under named 'Eco JD' for the quality of environment by preparing variety practices of advanced management and our HSE policy will not be compromised by other business priorites.

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    • Quality Management

      Quality Management
      Through the efforts, management activity and quality guarantee with improved quality, we produce the products which satisfies customers requirement and offer them the clients.

    • HSE Management

      HSE Management
      JD expects all its employees and contractors to strictly adhere to our HSE policy at all times.


Development Image
  • Fabrication Yard
  • Port
  • Terminal
  • On and Offshore constructions


Engineering Image
  • Detail Engineering
  • ISO Engineering
  • 3D Modeling
  • Load-out Sea Fastening Engineering
  • Offshore Modification Engineering

Trading & Project supporting

Trading & Project supporting Image
  • Products
  • Commodity
  • Manpower Supply
  • Rental Items
  • Offshore Modification

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