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SABA Offshore Fabrication Yard

SABA is located at Tarka Bay, at Lagos in Nigeria. The company was established by Baklang Group under the cooperation with the engineering and technological partner, JD company in Korea who has one of the most world-wide high technology in the construction of offshore platform and ship building.

Now, the construction of the yard will start in the latter part of FY 2011, as the engineering of the yard construction is scheduled to be completed on June 30, 2011, which will be finished and operated on or before in the year of 2013.

The Yard. in the first plan, will be built in the area of 44 hectares(It will be expanded to 120hectares in the second plan) and equipped with all high technological machines and construction facilities

Oveerall Description
  • Material Handling Area 52,000m²
  • Assembly Area 214,400m²
  • Shops 114,884m²
  • Offices 7,912m²
  • Compound(Baklang Village) 33,740m²
  • others 21,200m²
  • Total Yard Area 444,224m² (44ha)
Detailed Facilities
SABA Detailed Facilities Table
Area (m²) Shops : L x B x H (m)
Material Handling Area 52,000 Main Fabrication Shop 290x80x30
Module Assembly Area 55,000 Warehouse Shop 132x28x9
Semi Block Assembly Area 47,400 Piping Shop 132x28x9
Compound Area 33,740 Repair Shop 45x16x12
Unloading Area 47,688 Blasting Shop x 2 54x26x19
Utility Area 30,600 Painting Shop x 2 54x26x19
Quay Equipment
Quay Length 706m Tower Crane 15t x 10EA
Frontal water depth C.D.(-)12m Jib Crane 80t x 2EA
Bearing Capacity of Quay 150t/m² MagnetCrane 15t x 4EA
Gantry Crane 20t x 3EA
Crawler Crane 550t x 2EA
Overhead Crane 10t x 4EA
20t x 3EA
30t x 4EA
100t x 4EA
SABA Yard Location
SABA location
Unique Points

SABA provides clients working or visiting our yard with comfortable and fully furnished safe accommodation including but not limited to the clean rooms, internet connection, sports facilities and schools for the foreign children.

They can enjoy exercise at the park in the compound of the SABA fabrication and shipbuilding yard and will have comfortable and convenient life, while staying there.

SABA is very close to Nigeria Port in Victoria Island(Big City) and It has good transportation accessibility as well as high public safety and security compared with other areas in Nigeria.

other major scope

port, terminal, fabrication yard, wind power generation