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CEO Message

JD has been pursuing a goal oriented business to lead clients and projects to success and has grown up a world class offshore solution creator.


The Management of JD has accumulated years of experience through the interaction of human and technical resources with the leading companies of the offshore industry in USA, Europe, Middle East, Africa, etc. JD has been growing tremendously and is aiming to be one of the leading companies among the technically innovative offshore total solution resources. JD‘s goal is to provide the best quality service to the overseas clients as well as the local clients with emphasis of onshore fabrication and offshore installation including but not limited to load out, offshore and subsea works.

JD plans to lead the development of local and global offshore industry by providing the customers with the offshore total solution in short term. JD further wishes to open up a new horizon of the offshore industry by expanding its business domain to offshore wind farm installation, subsea pipeline installation, subsea power and optical cable installation, etc.

JD management promises further growth and expansion in the company; this becomes a driving force for the development of the local and global society in the 21st century by being innovative in the onshore fabrication and offshore industry; our motto being “The Offshore Engineering and Construction Total solution Creator”.

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President & CEO W.B (David) Lee